Thank you for a great Copa and a Love Letter from MamaSita.

Copa Comunidad 2013 LA was a hit! Thank you to everyone who attended the festivities, supported the cause and donated time and energy. THANK YOU! 

Photos are circulating on Facebook, which will be linked to this website soon for all to view. If you missed the Futbol Dialogue, keep an eye out on your respective list serve for the notes.

Next Copa Comunidad 2013 Midwest is coming fast! Stay tuned for more info and block out Labor Day weekend to go to the Twin Cities Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota from August 30-September 2, 2013.


Dear futbolistas,

Last year after the copa I wrote you to tell you that I was deeply in love with you. I checked and it’s still true.

Your appetite is pretty fierce. This weekend you devoured:

2 cases of kale, 1 case each of chard, lemons, tomatoes, 3 heads of cabbage, 5 watermelons, and 3 of the hugest bags of oranges you’ve ever seen in your life, PLUS more, 1 flat strawberries and peaches

2 vats of quinoa
15+lbs of arrachera
5 giant bags of shiitakes
50 bolillos
300 tortillas

8lbs of chips

120 tostadas

10lbs of queso fresco
1 gallon of Joaquin’s salsa
2 vats of Joaquin & Aurelio’s holy sh*t that’s vegan pozole
2 trays of “what did Antonio’s mom put in that cobbler”
Half a bakery of Hilda’s crumb cake, muffins, mini cheesecakes and cupcakes
80 vegan cupcakes
80 mexindian wedding cookies (one went into each of Madera’s pockets)
3 gallons of coconut mango lassi
3 gallons of fresh strawberry coconut colada
1 liter of soy sauce
1 liter of rice wine vinegar
60 eggs at breakfast (and yes, we ran out, which causes mamasita pain)
50 pieces of delicious la monarca all-natural pan cut in half (yes, 100 pieces)
2 ginormous vats of kimchi (sorry, one vat is in your fridge lauren/david)
1 vat of of ice cream (genius, Miguel!)
A shockingly small amount of oil… (next time, tostones!)
And a bunch of stuff that’s itemized in a spreadsheet that I promptly ignored once the copa started rolling and we just started getting food out on tables
By the end of it, we were left with about a serving of pozole, a handful of orange slices and two conchas. Which is to say, we ate every damn thing and didn’t do too bad on the ordering and creative re-purposing either.

80% of this was organic, locally hustled from the East LA farmer’s market, selected & transported by Joaquin to his dad’s house (because we had no other space) picked up & dropped off by Victor, transported to 5 houses, back to papa flores’, lovingly washed by Haile (under adult supervision), chopped by more people than I could count (lets face it mostly by chronically on-time TC/Fubtolista/LW folks (jane, kate, sanje, saby, gris, jay, jeff, divina, julayne & not to mention the spectacular futbolista SWOOP down on cleaning after each event even at 5:30am).

I don’t know what motivates other folks, but I have my own wackadoodle reasons. Cooking is a form of non verbal communication and it’s sometimes the only way I can speak to my family – both literally and figuratively. If it weren’t for food I wouldn’t be able to spend time around my aunts, start conversations with perfect strangers, talk to my students. I cook because I am hugely socially anxious and can’t be without something to do. I cook instead of being on the field because I am terrified of sports and it’s a miracle that I am even around a soccer ball let alone have one in my house and I hope that because of LW my kids don’t grow up with the same anxiety. It is not a failure of LW that I’m not on a field, it’s a success that all kinds of people can find a space here whether it’s yoga on the sidelines or watching babies. I cook because I want people to understand that lemons and rosemary are both delicious and not indigenous to california–and that the people that make up this state are not just lemon and rosemary people. We are nopal people, soy sauce people, za’atar people. I cook like it’s a sport because I want to pummel myself into an emotionally vulnerable state and here it’s safe to do that — and then there are tears and tacos and kids and sunshine and dogs and ice cream cones and all you can think is that this is perhaps the most spectacular Monday that has ever Mondayed.
It is true, driving to another city after coming off a 5-day 50,000 person event and a full time job to cook for 4 days with no advance prep other than a stack of google spreadsheets is a little crazy – or to have a baby girl, a job that requires you to be up at 5am DURING the copa, and not be moved into your house yet and still show up to feed people is also a little crazy. All sorts of people pulled all sorts of things to make this happen. Lauren, Victor & crew for making calculations for reimbursements, long processy futbolista conversations about money, jessica, laurantonio, eastside & jalex for providing the world’s most perfect spaces for us to gather and talk and share and grub.

I think this means that as a community we’re invested in food because of the space it creates as much as for the physical nourishment it provides.

After the talk at Eastside I started thinking about how we can bring the values that guide play on the field to the kitchen. What does it mean if the score is always 2-2? What if the cooks and choppers and washers circled up? What if there was a beginners clinic — maybe you have a recipe to share but have no idea how the hell to make it for 50 people – or maybe we can make it with you? Maybe Reem needs to show us how making brioche is “easy.” Fam will never part with her sauce recipe so let’s not even go there. But maybe May-li can tell us how to make things look good on a plate? Maybe Victor and Fede need to teach me how to make a cup of coffee (not kidding. can’t make coffee). Maybe we need to talk about how my idea of health and your idea of health might be different because I believe in lard and you don’t and that’s ok, or how nonstick cookware is poisonous when it’s scratched. Maybe we need dope ass aprons that say “all frosting no cake” because we “cook like it’s a sport.”  I want aprons, I want a LW cookbook with all of our recipes and memories to support each other and support our game and I think there’s enough energy around this to make it happen for 2014.

Foodbolista Committee? Let’s ride the flavor crystals and start scheming.

With love, respect, and a sloppy crush on all of y’all


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