Your Guide to Copa Comunidad 2013 LA

It is a beautiful day to be a Futbolist@!

Welcome everyone to the City of Angels, where the fields are green, the love is deep and the energy is high! Here is your guide for Copa Comunidad 2013 LA.

We love Mother Earth, so no printed material will be provided — everything will be digital. Did we mention this page is very easy to access on your smartphone? Check it out!

Stay up-to-date with all things Copa-related this weekend and visit the Agenda & Maps tab to get the full weekend breakdown!

A few reminders for the weekend

Remember to BRING:

  1. Dark and light shirts
  2. A reusable water bottle
  3. Lawn chairs, blankets, umbrellas for shade (especially for Saturday futbol!)
  4. Cleats and shin guards (if you have them)
  5. A soccer ball (if you have one)
  6. $13 for your Copa shirt (especially if you ordered extra shirts, $13/shirt!)
  7. Blankets, sleeping bag, or air mattress (if you have one) for those travelers staying at the homes of LA Futbolistas
  8. All events are BYOB except Saturday (so show up on Fri night w/ a drank (or not!))

Financial Update

  • We did our best to limit the cost of the Copa weekend.  However, love don’t cover the costs of fields, insurance, or food!
  • After crunching the numbers for the whole weekend, the total is about $3,000! (pretty good for a full weekend of food, housing, futbol, and some beer!)
  • So far, we have reached over half of that amount!!
  • We still have to raise the rest of the money that came out of people’s own pockets… so if you haven’t contributed to the fun-filled weekend, we will have some folks taking contributions so that we make sure that no one gets left to front the bill, so please pay what you can.  (There are no plans to pass the hat around, but if our costs are not being covered, we may get nasty!!)  🙂
  • Also, no one is turned away for lack of funds, so don’t trip!  We want to make sure that you can make it home!!

For any questions during the weekend, please call or text the people below. We promise to have our phones charged!

  • Lauren – (562) 500-6963
  • David – (323) 459-4393
  • Janet – (310) 755-5290

Explore the site while you’re here. The Copa Principles, Herstory of LWFC and Philosophy & Logistic tabs are up! And last but not least, #LACopa2013 and #lovecommunitymovement are the official hashtags for the weekend, you twitter- and instagram-savvy folks.

Here’s to a weekend of futbol and community, where the score is always 2-2, baby! Let’s play!

(Curious what 2-2 means and why we always say it? Check out our philosophy)

“If we want to change the world, we have to change the way we play.”

1st Annual Copa Comunidad 2010 | Oakland, CA
1st Annual Copa Comunidad 2010 : Oakland, CA

 In loving Memory of Freddy Valdez

This May 2013 marks the one year anniversary of the passing of our dear brother, teammate, LA Futbolista Compañero Freddy Valdez. Freddy’s spirit was sweet and genuine. He would come out to play with his father Edwin and younger brothers Chris and Edwin Jr. Always with a smile on his face and positive words to share, Freddy gave it all he had out there on the pitch. He ran hard, played with intensity and loved fully. Freddy loved to play futbol, his family, working with youth and life. Freddy Valdez, we love you and remember you always.

Compañero Freddy
Y Siempre

Freddy at RM Stadium
<3 Freddy visiting the Real Madrid Stadium. <3

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