Every Second Sunday

Since 2016, the LA Futbolistas have made the womyn’s, trans, intersex, and gender nonconforming (WTIGNC) game a monthly event. All interested womyn, trans, intersex, and GNC folks are welcome to simply show up and play. Experience is definitely not necessary; we often start with drills and love to encourage folks who are new to footie (the first time many of us played soccer was with the Futbolistas). Bring cleats or comfortable running shoes, clothes for working up a sweat, and drinking water.

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Q. Who can play in this game?
A. Only womyn, trans, intersex, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary individuals will be invited to play in this game. Cisgender* men are welcome to cheer from the sidelines.

Q. Can I play if I’ve never played before?
A. Absolutely! Many of our regulars never played soccer before they stepped onto the field with the Futbolistas. We welcome people of all skill levels.

Q. So if I’m a guy, should I stay home that day?
A. No way! We really hope that cisgender men will still show up to support as allies. Cheer our players on, watch after children, keep time — there are ways to get involved.

*Cisgender: Relating to a person whose gender identity aligns with what they were assigned at birth.