Get Ready for #CopaLA17

LA Futbolistas are excited to host Copa Comunidad in Los Angeles this May. We are also excited to outline an agenda for the upcoming plática. Some key topics of discussion were identified at the Copa plática in Oakland in May 2016, and we ask that each chapter discuss and prepare some thoughts in advance on those items. Some questions we would like each chapter to think about and respond to are:

  • Do we want to assign a point person/liaison for each Left Wing Fútbol chapter to make inter-chapter communication easier?
  • What does the decision-making process look like within your chapter? What types of topics/issues require decisions to be made?
  • Does your chapter support the creation of a national Left Wing Fútbol planning committee and/or a national network? What is the importance of a national network/identity?
  • Do we want to change the Copa Comunidad calendar to accommodate different cities? If so, why? What are your specific reasons?
  • Are there any issues you would like to discuss?

Contact Natasha and Marissa at by May 14 (deadline extended!) with suggestions and feedback.

Draft Agenda

Copa Theme: “Antifascista Futbolista: Construir para Vivir”
Plática Date: May 27, 2017
Time: 10am–12pm

1. Introduction (30 minutes)

  • Welcome
  • Overview
  • Icebreaker

2. Reflecting On the Past (20 minutes)

  • Are you continuing the things that your chapter has done well?
  • Have you addressed some of the challenges your chapter identified previously?
  • What are a few action items your chapter can take in the next year, that continue your work, address challenges, and ultimately create a more inclusive space?

3. [Responses to email will build this section] (45 minutes)

4. Next Steps (15 minutes)

  • Identify collective action items

5. Conclusion (10 minutes)

  • Plática closing
  • Announcements